Friday, October 21, 2011

Memories of Autumn Sunlight: Chanterelles

Sunlight on my windowsill, drops of autumn orange that I chose from my favourite vegetable stand in Borough Market. Now, resting on my window. 

I chose them from this. For their memories of being in my summer house - dachya - in Russia. The joys of foraging for these creatures, these bright orange lisichki.  Roughly translated as little foxes. Chanterelles, as they are otherwise known. 

I do not know if this merits a recipe. But I do know that little foxes, chanterelles merit a post. For they sat on my windowsill, in the sunshine, proud in their orange-ness, evoking the little cries of joy at finding them underneath fallen logs - or if incredibly lucky - a whole 'field' of tender orange, glistening in sunshine, tucked away in falling leaves and mud. 

Chanterelles, (Sometimes) Done a Portable Gas Hob

Clean the chanterelles off, tenderly with a small brush. Aim to get the grime out. Do not put them under a stream of water: they are delicate. 

Maybe leave them to dry on a paper towel, if you are not very hungry.

Let a knob of butter, melt and spread on a pan. Do not let if get too hot! 

Add the mushrooms and toss, letting them absorb all the buttery goodness. Season.

Cook over your (maybe not very portable) hob for just a few minutes, until done and tender. 

Eat them as a side or as a snack - preferably in the autumn sunshine - with dark, dense rye bread. 

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