Monday, October 24, 2011

Caffe Paradiso, Store Street

After a lovely (yet just a little bit, on my part, illegal) swim with Mr I. We wandered down Store Street. A lovely little street just near SOAS and UCL (and Tottenham Court Road) that was most charming today for a late snack-cum-late-lunch. 

We first wandered into Treadwells, a quirky, esoteric bookshop. Naturally Mr I chose a book (or three, including Aristophanes' own The Birds) and we wandered in to browse (magic, mystery, broomsticks!). It was good fun and I got to nibble on a ginger snap while looking at some love potions. 

Although there was Store St Espresso nearby, it seemed to be lacking anything substantial at this time so we wandered over to Caffe Paradiso. I sampled their cannoli, which was divine. The candied fruit, ricotta filling and crunch pastry lined with chocolate was perfect. It was, of course, incredibly rich but I didn't seem to mind very much. We also ordered a hot white chocolate, which tasted warm and milky and sweet and just the sort of thing that is perfect for lovers of white chocolate, like Mr I. They had a few other lovely looking drinks on the menu (why have a espresso when I can have something more fun!) that I plan on trying when I go back. 

It did have your usual cafe fare of sandwiches and (re-heated) pizza but the desserts all looked quite scrumptious, with a pistachio tart that definitely drew my attention. The drinks, the desserts and the atmosphere (comfy couches, leather chairs, bookshelves and artsy catalogues) in a light and airy ground floor really made this place seem a cozy place to sit with a book (The Birds) and brood over a luscious, Sicilian dessert. Although a small chain, it left a good impression on me and did not feel replicated. 


A lovely cafe with delicious Sicilian desserts.

28 Store Street

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